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Extract data and tables from images like jpg, png and save as an Excel spreadsheet online with OCR.

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Powerfull converter

Powered by latest AI-based OCR, our converter will extract tables from your image to a greater accuracy.

Multiple languages

Our image to Excel converter supports a wide range of languages, and more are on the way.

Converter in the cloud

You don't have to install a thing on your local device, everything is done in our remote server.

What Our Happy Users Say

Reddit user: Latter_Bit_3580

"Thanks for this recommendation. Just used Quick and efficient."

Reddit user: boukaree

"Have been searching for hours most of the tools only convert the pdf of images into a doc of images this tool nailed sure it needed an edits and small correction but overall its a good website"

"If you are working with a text-based PDF, PDFocr will shine through brilliantly. PDFocr uses OCR, or optical character recognition, technology to extract contents from a PDF. "

FAQs about Image to Excel Converter

FAQs about images 2 XLSX

It's quite easy to convert an image to Excel spreadsheet in three easy steps: 1. Select and upload an image file with Drag and drop. 2. Wait while our server converts your PDF document. 3. Download your .xlsx sheet when the conversion is completed.

Yes, the table formatting will be saved in the spreadsheet, we try our best to export the data and formatting correctly for you.

We need language information of your PDF file or images during the OCR process to better understand, recognize and process your PDF file. If you do not provide this information, we have to guess it which will delay the conversion.

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