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Export text and data from any images without account or spending a single penny, 100% free.

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Our image to text converter supports many languages including English, French, German...

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With our powerfull online tool, you can extract texts from a wide range of image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF.

What Our Happy Users Say

Reddit user:Rahyan30200

"your website is incredible ! I'm a web developer myself and I'd like to implement that, not to compete with you, but just as a fallback/something to work on. Anyways, I bookmarked this. I really needed such a powerful OCR for my scanned docs."

Reddit user: boukaree

"Best online pdf tool out there and it's free, does everything I need to do for day to day use of PDF files. Thank you PDFocr!"

Reddit user: allehS

"Hi, thank you so much for keeping the site running for free. I have been trying to find such a site for so long, and none of them works as well as yours, not even close. (I mean it even detects images that don't need ocr and keeps them intact, how do you even do that lol)"

FAQs about Image to TXT Converter

FAQs about JPG PNG 2 TXT

It's quite easy to convert an image to editable text in three easy steps: 1. Select and upload an image file with Drag and drop. 2. Wait while our server converts your PDF document. 3. Download your .txt sheet when the conversion is completed.

No, the formatting will be not saved. If you need to save it, consider convert it to a docx or xlsx file.

We need to know the language of your PDF file or images in order to better understand, recognize and process your PDF file. If you do not provide this information, you may get garbled data in the converted document, which is not our intension.

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PDFOCR API is available

Integrate our powerful OCR API to your apps or website is easy and fast, we have provided same sample code in the documentation, more will come later. Register here and get an API key, and you are ready to go. You can also learn more here about how it works.