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Reddit user:djdefenda

"Best one I've used so far - had to split a few words, and then re-arrange a couple paragraphs but other than that it worked well, really appreciate not having to sign up and jump thru the normal hoops, thanks"

Reddit user: boukaree

"Have been searching for hours most of the tools only convert the pdf of images into a doc of images this tool nailed sure it needed an edits and small correction but overall its a good website"

"If you are working with a text-based PDF, PDFocr will shine through brilliantly. PDFocr uses OCR, or optical character recognition, technology to extract contents from a PDF. "

FAQs about our PDF Converter

FAQs about PDF 2 DOCX

It's quite easy to convert a PDF file to Word document in three steps: 1. Select a PDF file with Drag and drop. 2. Wait while our server converts your PDF or images. 3. Download your .docx file when the conversion is completed.

Usually, it's because your PDF file has a permission password, and you need to unlock your PDF document before uploading it. We would check before uploading if your PDF file has an open password, but we are unable to detect a user (permission) password. You should also check your file name, in some cases, special characters would prevent it from being converted. If you conversion fails all the time, changing the file name might work.

We need to know the language of your PDF file or images in order to better understand, recognize and process your PDF file in the OCR process. If you do not provide this information, you may get garbled data.

OCR is a CPU intensive and time consuming task. In order to provide faire service to more users, we need to limit the size and pages for guest users (scanned pdf 20 pages, digital pdf 70 pages, max file size 15M). If you need to convert more, consider go paid.

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PDFOCR API is available

PDFOCR API is now available, if you need to do batch conversions, or you simply want to provide the same service as does, now it's time. Register here and get an API key, and you are ready to go. You can also learn more here about how it works.